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Real Yoga for real people.

In the modern yoga world, there are plenty of places to get a workout. At Always Vibrant Yoga, we give you a work-in.

Our approach is not gentle as in “remedial”, it is the real Hatha yoga:  deep, subtle, sophisticated practice that meets you right where you are.  Because of our commitment to quality, we attract everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners.

If you can move one finger and breathe, you can do yoga.  There is a yoga right for you!

A yoga uniquely designed for your body, energy, lifestyle, temperament and condition is unlike anyone else’s yoga, because you are unique.  Regardless of any feelings of limitation – due to age, disease, disability or distress – your yoga can help you resolve or transcend your limitations.

If you are healthy, yoga will help you to become stronger and more supple.  If you want a deeper connection with yourself and your life, yoga will help.  If you want to inspire your religious devotion – whatever your chosen religion – your yoga will help you develop clarity and heart to inspire you.  If you are healing from addiction, yoga will help set you free.  The yoga that’s right for you will bring you more power and peace.

We serve the entire Atlanta metro area.  Contact us today!

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